Sunday, October 25, 2009

"like bacteria on a plate"

The  words making up this post's title (from my Rawlins friend Hillary) adeptly describe the urban sprawl of Vegas/Henderson.  The only difference between a growth of bacteria and the mindless sprawl of Henderson is that you can describe bacterial growth as a "culture". 

Here is the complete list of street names in the gated community next to mine:

Dow Jones St.
Commodity Way
Day Trade St.
Investment Way
Capital Gains Dr.
Large Cap Dr.
Stock Option St.

Now you have the evidence:  this town was built by crazy people.


rb said...


Porter said...

Animals you get close to and food you eat: let's see more!

brandon said...

There is now thought juice leaking from my ear. A result of my brain exploding, upon the reading of Capitol Gains Dr.

I bet you could meet some agreeable, happy people there, if only you could get through the gates...