Sunday, August 9, 2009


Dogs are smart.

Crows are smarter.

The verdict is in: Babies is dumb.

I think that a dog/corvid team would be unstoppable. The two would make an excellent pet unit. Bird-pets tend to become too attached to their human caretakers, but if I could somehow infatuate a crow with a dog, then I would be in the clear. If that worked, then I could pursue human relationships without avian jealousy getting in the way, and everyone would be happy.

Brandon said that he found a baby raven one time and gave it to his friend. His friend's dog befriended the raven. The raven rode around on the dog's back. One day the raven flew away and never came back, which was uncommon, given that it took to flight frequently. Brandon thinks that given the raven's affinity for canines, he tried to socialize with one and was subsequently MURDERED.

Thanks to Chuggans for the link to the WIRED article on rooks and their amazingly spontaneous problem-solving ability.

I wish to work with corvids. I tried to get an internship with a research team that was studying population ecology and behavior of Island Scrub Jays on Santa Monica Island, CA. I didn't get it, but I still have hope for something similar. If anyone knows of similar opportunities on the west coast, or of any opportunities with California condors, drop me a line and I will owe you one. I've said it before, but condors are so GOTH.

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Caroline said...

I know it's like the opposite direction, but you should move to England and get a job at the tower of london. They keep pet ravens there!

PS- If you became a Raven Master, you'd get to wear that SWEET costume.

PPS- Actually please don't move to England. If you lived across the ocean you'd seem even farther away. And you'd be, like, literally on the other side of the world from Addison.