Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh man, so goth. So much bad hair.

I have been painfully afflicted by a fixation with Goth music recently. I am sorry to those of you who aren't lucky enough to be learning this for the first time. I'm sure my ramblings on the matter have been very annoying.

Excellent use of imagery in her lyrics. I feel like I am really being killed by Mt. Vesuvius:
Cities in Dust

Love the intro (+1 on the sunglasses and ties):
She's in Parties

Oh man, so goth. And I must say it is very disturbing for a low-budget, early 80's music video:
The Hanging Garden

The animal is a primate from Madagascar known as the Aye-Aye. Addie and I saw one at the Denver zoo, and I was thrilled to see one because I have been fascinated/terrified with them for many years. Because they are nocturnal, the specimen at the zoo was in its own cave-lyke display light by a single red bulb. Once my ayes adjusted to the darkness I beheld the horrendous lemur scurrying like quasi-modo to and fro within its habitat. Suddenly it would pause. And stare me down.

Even if you are uninterested by the music I posted, you must watch this.

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Caroline said...

aye-ayes have the scariest hands in the world! The way they use the big finger for tapping is horrible and unnerving.