Friday, August 7, 2009

Musical Mishappenings

As some of you may unfortunately know, I have been delving into making music electronically. I have only made about 5 tracks on my own, ever. My musician alter-ego is Boss Rhino and he has been on myspace music for years just resting on his laurels. You can hear the sum of my artistic output by visiting I would recommend the track "Step Dance". "Rants" is a sample from that song, if you just want a taste.

My co-intern Brandon and I have also created a few tracks under the name Prongho Deth. This music is abrasive. It is our artistic vision of the kind of sounds and thought processes that occur within the heads of pronghorn antelope. After watching this educational video, you may agree with us that they are up to something. Whatever it is sure is sinister. Enjoy:

We have done a couple of other tracks within the same "range metal" genre, but they are too inappropriate and disturbing to share online.


Timothy "T-Bone" Barwise said...

Well, that video didn't compress well at all. Some of the already hard to distinguish visuals and audio nuances were lost. If you really want to, I will send you the actual track - possibly with bonus tracks. IF you do want it, you'll regret your curiosity.

gcjones said...

I like that! I've been wanting to make some fake music myself. Which program do you use?

Timothy "T-Bone" Barwise said...

I used Ableton Live, which I can hook you up with. It is really amazing, but it takes a little while to learn how to use it. I'm not even near to understanding all of its functions.

Em said...

nightmares of antelopes are sure to ensue in my sleeps. thanks a lot B. Rhino!