Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend 1

Rain limited our activities this weekend to hanging out and apartment hunting. Life at the barracks is pretty good right now, but when all the other seasonal employees arrive in the next couple weeks things are gonna get stuffy. Its just four of us dudes right now. I've been pretty lonely for chuggans, and she for me.

I've been looking at maps getting ideas for when chuggans comes out to visit. Our plan for her visit is sizing up to be a real grand trek around the state. I'm hoping to hit some cool places where she can see some wild horses and some desert, and maybe even a ghost town. There is one southwest of Rawlins called “Dad”. Its pretty easy to tell why that one never ended up making it.

Of course when she gets out here are going to the Tetons and Yellowstone, and all along the way stop at some crazy rock formations, and maybe even the Oregon trail ruts and other assorted pioneer landmarks (Devil's Gate, etc.) Pretty much anywhere we go, we'll be guaranteed to see lots of wild critters and crazy rocks doing crazy things (ie. Vedauwoo and Devil's Playground). Also, hitting up the hot springs in Thermopolis on the way would be “sick”, as the children say.

So far there has been no luck in the vehicle search, but I'm holding out hope for a cheap light truck with 4x4. In Laramie today I saw so many well-preserved, but elderly Land Cruisers and Jeeps, it made my heart yearn.

Here are some pics of the barracks, my berth and the coyote mandible which lies in the front “garden”.


Remus Thirty said...

Is that mandible in the garden because you're trying to grow a new coyote? I'm not sure it works that way. I'd say 15% chance, if that.

Erin said...

My old German flatmate Benny did an exchange in Laramie of all places.