Tuesday, May 5, 2009

today at BLM we drove truck all day to dog towns in desert.

We are still trying to get out into the field to investigate possible amphibian sites. So far we've only been out once, but it was to that wonderful oasis I shared with you earlier. That place was called Lost Soldier Creek, near the oil village named Bairoil.

Today we went out to the "town" of Red Desert, which is a couple of possibly abandoned homesteads surrounded by natural gas pumps. I will share pictures of these things with you later, as they are everywhere. We didn't have our own truck, so we went out with a bio tech to look at riparian areas and prairie dog towns that existed along a proposed pipeline and utility line running through BLM land. We found lots of said dogs, and saw a wary coyote lope away acrosst the hills from in front of us. The p-dawgs were all watching him go.

There were lots of golden eagles, ferruginous hawks, prairie falcons, and ravens out there too. Some of the eagles and hawks were nesting atop rocky bluffs. The raptors are all protected by BLM rules. We were checking out the p-dawg towns to see if any would be disturbed by new oil lines. If so, the endangered black-footed ferret would be disturbed as well, which would have been illegal. We saw lots of dogs that had moved in after the other pipes had been laid, so we were unsure of what to think. We saw no amphibs.

Yesterday we had extensive amphib ID and sampling technique training in Laramie at the University of Wyoming. It was smart.

I saw this Sinclair Dino.

i miss addie

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