Monday, May 25, 2009

KillMore Trout (Please)


so the food of Wyoming tends to lack goodness and is largely indigestible (except for the strangely stellar Anong's Thai restaurant here in Rawlins). It is also expensive because this is an inland island.

Of course, we cook most everything, as is the Bachelor Diner's way. As forewarned, the abundance of wild creatures here has led to their inclusion in my diet. Recently we ate up a big old rainbow trout that Brandon caught while working with the Fisheries scientists. So delicious. We just pan fried the whole guy (gutted of course). So delicious. So delicious.

Mule deer from the hunting exploits of my other roommate, Brad, has entered my stomach on a number of occasions as well. It is quite good, and I'm not a red-meat fan by any stretch of the imagination. I love the prongho's too, but one of our supervisors has promised us cheddar and garlic prongho bratwurst that is supposed to be stellar. Can't say no to stellar. There are a lot of prongho's anyway - you have no idea.

So far we have counted 23 frogs - 19 of them Leopard frogs at one site and the other 4 boreal chorus frogs under some logs near another pond. Things aren't going well on that front.


Caroline said...

Mmmm...I love fresh trout. There really isn't anything better. My uncle actually caught some today and we had it for memorial day dinner. I'm glad our gastrointestines are having similar foods, though I can't say I've had any deers lately...

Sarah "Sheppo" Shepherd said...

Please don't eat the frogs.

Timothy "T-Bone" Barwise said...

"He shall et the frogs as he sees fit."

That's in my job description