Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bachelor Subaru Ichiban

This weekend we went to Casper, home of the Dick Cheney, and the Dick Cheney Federal Building to visit some of my roommate Brad's friends and check out the city and its wonders. It was way nicer than Rawlins, that's for sure. Probably thanks to Dick's clever manipulation of all things.

On the way we stopped at Independence rock, which was a landmark on the Oregon, California, and Mormon trails. Many pioneers celebrated here for having overcome the BORING eastern plains starting out the new next leg of the trip across the mountains. Many carved their names into this mega rock. We climbed it!

What was cooler were some limestone fossil beds at Alcova Lake. Brad stopped by to show us some Pterodactyl tracks!
It was cool, but you can't really see them in the photo. The stones has mud ripples from the beach they used to be, and one layer was composed entirely of shellfish. It was rad. Apparently there is a rhino bone in the rock nearby, but it was on private land and hidden. We saw our first rattler too. Clearly, Brandon got the better shot.

Today I bought a car! A 2000 Subaru Outback for $2500. Whoa! What a deal! I am going to change the brakes, get new tires, and change the oil and then I'll have a wagon for some Wyoming adventuring. Time to start spending some money...

I am also including some pictures of my apartment, in case you care at all. The good stuff in all of the pictures belongs to Brad. My room is the empty and cold one full of muddy pants, and the mule deer skulls are really old.


Caroline said...

Tim, that's so cool. Those old carvings are awesome. I'm glad you don't have to live in the barracks, too.Keep the great critter pictures coming!

Emily said...

Tim, it's Auntie Debbie. Finally got to visit your blog...HOW COOL!
I'm trying to set up link so I can follow your adventures. ENJOY.
Love, Auntie