Friday, May 8, 2009

adventures in the Dadlands.

Although Rawlins itself...blows, the BLM life in Rawlins is pretty good. All the folks I work with are laid back and good-humored. Many are not from Rawlins, or even Wyoming, and so their perspective, although more native than mine, is in some way relatable to my own. Most of them find it quite dusty as well, but they find it laughable.

As I've said before, Rawlins is as populous as Sterling, but is still a miniature city. It serves the functions of county seat to the surrounding hamlets, even so it is still a sort of an engorged and overpopulated trucker stop for I-80. Watch this video my dad found. It pretty much sums up the town. The real greatness of Wyoming lays not in its cities, but in its rugged and less-developed rangeland. Drive 3 miles in any direction from the center of town and that dusty range begins with earnest.

Couple days ago, my fellow intern Brandon and I went out to the Dad region to check out Cow Creek. Dad is in some way a ghost town, but we haven't come across said ghosts yet. Instead we checked out some great Great Basin Spadefoot Toad habitat. We discovered a wonderfully stinking prongho' skull and neck parts, and lots of magnifique birds. Brandon marked the location on his GPS for us to pick up later, when it is less “ripe”.

Miles up into the mountains, with the help of 4x4 we came across a stone pile grave/cairn at the very top of Cow Creek Butte. It was around here that Chuggans got a flat tire on I-91 in Springfield, and my heart went out to her. Then we some some pretty hills, and I almost hit a mule deer that was leaping acrost the road.

Earlier, we also came across two fascinating natural attractions: “flowing well”, and a bubbling mud cauldron. Naturally, I would estimate it to be one of the coolest places I've ever been. We have dubbed this miraculous duo “S****y Yellowstone” for their clear similarity to their more dramatic cousins farther north. Videos follow:

Bubbling Mud Pit/Caldera thing...

My Advertisement for the pit, and for the flowing well.

Here is my new hat from Rawlins Thrift:



Scout said...

I hate that mud geyser!

hannah said...

ewwww mud geyser

Caroline said...

I love the new chapeau!
You're looking very Irish in that video.

Meredith said...

I just StumbledUpon this. StumbleUpon is just getting TOO GOOD.