Monday, April 20, 2009

Temporary Diner Relocation


As many of y'all knowin, T-Bone gon' be trakkin out westlike to the new frontier. Thas rite, partner - He's gon' Wyoming territory next week.

Basically, for the information of all my nonexistent readers, I have accepted a job working with the BUREAU of LAND MANAGEMENT (federal, kid) in Rawlins, WY.

Why, WY, you may ask? Why, to count and swab all of south WY's endangered toads, of course. I will be out there in the scrubland catchin, taggin, and swabbin, as many amphibs as I can find. Swabbin, you may ask? Yes swabbin! See, they got this awful, unappetizing fungal disease (Chytridiomycosis)that may in some way be related to the dramatic declines of amphibians all across the Americas (esp. West Coast and Amazon). I will make sure to explain my fabulous job in great detail once I have arrived.

Although I would argue that my employment with the BLM is a worthy and reasonable federal expenditure, given the importance of the amphibian monitoring project, others may feel it is a wasteful use of tax money. Well don't write your senator to have me fired because I am being paid by the Chicago Botanic Garden. Strange, huh? If you are still offended by the idea of T-BONE rockin' a Heavy, Federally-owned and maintained, American-Made 4x4 Truck all across the southern reaches of Wyoming (and crushin rattlesnake heads beneath my meaty tires), then be my guest!

I am probably going to ruin something:

Anyway - I will enlighten you all on the nature of my cooking exploits, and probably keep you up to date on the toad count as it progresses. Expect lots of dishes to be trout, snake, elk and whisky based.

For five months, I am going to miss my girlfriend. Like hog misses his corn...or something.