Friday, January 2, 2009

Greatest Snack?

It may be, in the future, that people will claim I invented this snack, the greatest snack. I do not have a name for it. Many will cringe:

One of the best things to come from Asia: The Shrimp Chip
when dipped in a gentle olive oil and sesame sauce, this snack has a "snax" time flavor unlike an other. I don't think I would be able to describe the taste of these chips to people who have not had them, but there seems to exist a sharp dichotomy between those who like them and those who don't. Maybe they taste the way that umami would if it could be sold in a crisply fried styrofoam format?

Visit your local international food market for more details. These little buddies came from the extensive Tran's World Food market next to Butterfly on Hadley Rt. 9 just east over the Northampton Bridge. The place next to Wing Wong is great too. Mom's House in Amherst is high quality, and boasts cafeteria style take-out in the evenings (which I do enjoy), but they are perhaps a bit more expensive. Tran's World market had a great price for a large canister of Sriracha (Roost Sauce) brand chili and garlic sauce - truly a must have condiment.

If you do any regular Asian inspired cooking, then a bottle of sesame oil is likewise a desirable flavor element. When a dash is mixed with this bourgeoise Trader Joe's coinnesseur's olive oil, the resulting sauce is curious. However, the sauce, when applied, really rounds out the flavor of the shrimp crackers gorgeously, and what comes as a humble, slightly bad tasting snack, leaves an hors d'oeuvre.

I was cooking Rice Pilaf at the time, but it was taking forever. I ate the whole bag of crackers while in waiting.



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