Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bruce's Diner

Welcome to a new bachelor diner.
You probably thought I was dead. Maybe you thought I had married.
Not the case. Today, my friends, Bachelor Diner is reborn.
The time - Samhain's Eve; a time for all souls to wander the Earth again.
The scene - Bruce's Place; our new domain.
The players - myself, potatoes and kale.
The conflict - what to do?
The resolution - combine them.

This haunted eve, I found myself with a sparse larder and an angry gut. All day, I knew that I needed potatoes. I started to bake the potato. I said, "what else?" I had kale that was going to start rotting.
To the internets! Knowing what I know about these two vegetables, I searched "irish food". And yes, I was right - Irish Food I found. Or rather, it found me.

The dish is Colcannon. I don't know anything else about it, but that it requires very irish ingredients: potatoes, kale, cream, milk, butter, salt. I added garlic for good measure. With the potato baked, I mashed it up, the skin crusty and delicious. This added a unique textural element boiled potato skins lack. I did not have enough potato to house the healthy leaf of kale I had intended to incorporate, so I boiled another small potato (this is what you see steaming in the picture). Next I sauteed two fat cloves of garlic in the skillet with butter and a dash of milk and salt. Then I mashed it all, and it was delicious.

Leannan, I shall cook this for you anytime.

Bottom Picture: The lumpy mound of greenish-creme colored stuff is the colcannon, carrots, brie on toast, and homebrew stout. Slainte!

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