Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Budget Gourmet for the Budget Bachelor: Minute White Rice

Good evening fellow diners. My name is JPK, and I am the new bachelor on the block. For my inaugural Bachelor Diner post, I'm going to wind up and hit you on-a-budget bachelors with my saving-savvy cricket bat.

It is a dark, dark time for the American economy. The greenback is on the steady decline. Gas prices are rising. The cost of a bottle of Sailor Jerry's is steadily rising from $15 to $18 to $20.

Step away from that window sill, bachelor! The key to surviving in these harsh financial times is neither suicide nor alcoholism.

...well, at least not suicide.

The key is healthy, nutritious eating that leaves both your wallet and stomach full at the end of the day. This series of healthy, inexpensive food columns will help you navigate the prologue to the post-apocalypse so that you will be the last one standing when everyone else on your block eats their neighbors for food, blood, and marrow.

The first essential food for any penny saving bachelor is Minute white rice. A low cost alternative to other more expensive rices (I'm looking at you, pilaf), Minute rice is the ultimate bachelor food for two reasons. First, it costs between $2.25 and $4.50 for 14 (7 servings) to 28 ounces (14 servings) worth of rice. Second, it is monkey-easy to prepare. All it requires is an equal serving of water to dry rice. 

Recipe: Minute Rice
1/2 cup of rice
1/2 cup water

microwave 2:30 on High

The trick, bachelors, is to bring a half-cup sized container full of dry Minute rice with you everywhere. For an instant lunch, pour the dry rice into a second serving receptacle and fill the original container with water. It provides you with simple transportation of your lunch that will leave you as satisfied with the lack of cleanup as you will be with your quenched hunger. Garnish your Minute rice with any number of sauces. Feeling like Asian? try low sodium soy sauce (I recommend Kikkoman's). Feel like Indian? try Trader Joe's Yellow Curry sauce. Add some spinach, beans, tomatos, and garlic for some Mexican flair. Add butter for a simple side. Barbeque sauce and Sriracha hot sauce also mix nicely.  

The last benefit of Minute rice is the energy that it provides you with. Riboflavin and glucose are the building block of any bachelor. While Minute rice won't provide you with the energy and stamina required to say, work a whole day at the construction site or spend a whole night lifting weights, it will provide you with a quick, low cost, cheap thrill that will take your hunger out back and give it a firm talking-to.

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Timothy "T-Bone" Barwise said...

It has been estimated that the average bachelor is 1 part riboFLAVA to 80 parts gLUCKose. Keep dustin your shoulders, JPK - grate post.