Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome To Bachelor Diner

You heard it right folks! Bachelor Diner is officially ON-LINE. We are also almost officially ready to shovel shovelfuls of our glorious food into your impatiently slobbering maws! Just a couple more renovations to make to the shooting range, ball pit, and vomitorium. Until then, feast your eyes upon the officially first menu item to be offered at Bachelor Diner: The Canadian Dinner.

Everyone knows how important "Kraft Dinner" is to Canada, it being the official dinner of the Montreal Canadiens, the dinner served at the Charlottetown Conference for the confederation, and also being an old home remedy for those suffering "Crown Royal Headaches".

We offer you our faithful reproduction of the dinner often referred to as the Mother of Canada. Our version gives the diner a couple options on the standard cheese-only kraft dinner. We offer a
meat selection, including but not limited to Hamburger, Hot Dog, BBQ chikan, Tuna, and for vegetables - onion, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, peas, etc. Sides of ketchup are standard, but other sides are available including BBQ sauce and Sriracha.

Beverage pairings are a dry Red Wine, Black Velvet, Moosehead, Alexander Keith's, or milk.

Here is the tuna option showing ingredients et cetera

For $6.00 you will be filled not only with food but also with an urge to
"stand on guard for thee!"

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