Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekly Gripe #1

The Weekly Gripe
Sterling, MA

Hello Friends and Foes,

Allow me to introduce the Weekly Gripe. I decided just now that I should be allowed to have my gripes broadcasted, so I invented this feature of Bachelor Diner. It's called the Weekly Gripe because it sounds like I will be practicing some sort of self-restraint in posting these gripes, but the reality will be that they shall occur whenever the Gripe Is Ripe. Maybe I will change the name to "The Gripe is Ripe"...

So this Weekly Gripe is about an old conniving curmudgeon and his best friend. The 'mudgeon is our current president and his pal is that loser, John "Brick-Face" McCain. I was reading about this great-sounding GI Bill that is about to be passed by the Senate and has already been passed by an un-vetoable margin in the House. It is the best GI bill since the first, probably. It offers to veterans, among other well-deserved benefits, free tuition to a four-year public university. I think that this is limited to those who have served at least three years since 9/11. Still, that is a great many servicemen who have seen their post-duty options dwindle during those long months waiting to come home. For many, I'm sure that once they have returned home opportunities for a rewarding future have slipped away.

As you may be able to tell, the gripe isn't about this bill. It's about the boneheadedness that those two dusty burdens on society have exhibited as they went about preaching and whining about the GENEROSITY of this bill. One of the excuses they gave was that they were afraid it would deter re-enlistment. First of all, a reality check. You, sirs, have already done more than any vote in congress could ever do to deter enlistment and re-enlistment. If anything, this new bill offers more hope to increase enlistment than anything you may have tried because it offers real incentives. By systematically succeeding at making awful decisions during the execution of this conflict and, moreover, deciding to start this fight in the first place you have set a new precedent for poor leadership. Now, telling veterans essentially that they don't deserve this "gift" from the government, you have set an even greater precedent that I expect our subsequent executives will have a very hard time attaining.

Here's the juice - this isn't a gift. Those entering into the military owe you nothing. You and the rest of your cronies are in debt. You owe the American public a number of outstanding debts, but you owe the soldiers you have betrayed time and again respect and gratitude. Be thankful they went along with you on this half-assed nutjob adventure in the first place and also be thankful that more of them don't realize how much you've been screwing them.

This whole thing reeks of diabolism. Why don't you just come out and say that you don't like this bill because it offers a graceful exit from the arachnoid trap of military service that your administration has been weaving? Another way to read this: your impotence has left the bedroom and so now we have little to fear from you in the way of further destruction of our institutions and ideals. If that's true, then perhaps we are seeing the first sign of self-repair coming from the government with this mediocre nod in the direction integrity.

Happy Memorial Day
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