Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fish-a-stick Sand-a-wich

Hey Blogosphere, haven't seen your 'round lately!

Entre le Sandwich de Poisson Baton avec sauce. If one took to perusing the annals of time as oft as I during my nightly self-improvement sessions, one would begin to cultivate as bountiful a knowledge of the fish stick sandwich so common to the plates of kings and knaves alike. Traditionally a dish of the Canadian Maritimes, this plate no longer knows international boundaries. Shown is the commonest outfit (minus cheddar cheese), but any exotic dressing may suit it well.

Slathered in vegetables, tartar sauce and tomato catsup and with a side of greens or beta carotenes, one may wonder why he or she ever issued a disapproving smirk at the prospect of ingesting such a meal (that be for you, girlfriend). Truly a dish for anytime, anyplace, in any state of undress, for any person - Emperor and fisher-prince alike.

Like I said, couples well with greens, a cucumber salad, and orange vegetables. Covers well with red tomato sauces (marinara included) or traditional fish-type sauces and fresh veggies, and it's always served crunchy (all parts).

Pairs well with english-style ales, esp. IPA's. Serve her with a dry stout and a side of the sea vegetable dulse for an Irish spin anyone will enjoy. Black label is a fair drink substitute for penny pinchers. Milk and apple juice work too.

Good literature pairings are books about big theories and such.
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simpletonic said...

goodness how glad I am to stumble upon this feast! a fisher-princess am I and tonight I must serve a meal to my potential fisher-prince...this shall be that meal. thank you for the idea and may delicious biscuits come to you in great quanitities!